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Christmas Boots Cutting Dies

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Christmas Boots Cutting Dies

Merry Christmas, Mchoice Metal Cutting Dies Stencils Scrapbooking Embossing DIY Crafts

Material: Carbon steel
Size:A:61.7x70mm;B:64*91mm;C:76x80mm;D:65*90mm;E:69x80mm,F:85*96mm;G:83*83mm;H:158 x78mm,I:88mmx40mm;J:118x79mm K:53x80mm;L:80×57.5mm;M:54.2x70mm;N:78x80mm;O:90x56mm P:78x101mm
DIY hand embossing, Can help children’s ability to develop intelligence
Best for making a beautiful greeting cards.
These die cuts will allow you to make homemade cards, frames and cutouts.
Die cut or emboss shapes with your favorite manual machine

Tonic Studios 084e Rococo Helpers Boot Die
Rococo dies are a range of intricate standalone dies
Delicate and detailed these dies are perfect as a finishing touch to any crafting project
Cuts a beautiful and intricate Santa’s helpers boot, 7 x 10cm
Works on all leading die cutting machines
Dies will cut cardstock up to 240gsm