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Decorating My Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020

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Welcome to the final part of the 3 part series of setting my Dollar Tree Christmas Tree up for 2020!

Decorating My Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020

I assembled my tree in part 1,flocked and glittered my tree in part 2 and now, in this third part, I decorate the tree! This was the most fun part of the tree series, but honestly, the entire process was fun with a hot cup of coffee by my side and relaxing Christmas Jazz music playing in the background.

I used all Dollar Tree products to decorate this tree. I started with the lights. Some people start with the decorations first and then add the lights, but I personally like starting with the lights so that I can decorate the ornaments with the lights to place them strategically with the lighting. This is a small tree and I didn’t work with glass balls or any type of ornaments with mirrored effects so it didn’t really matter.

Dollar Tree had tons of cute mini lights that operate on AA batteries. I purchased my decorations during Halloween so the lights were one of the first things Dollar Tree stocked. They had snowflake lights, which I bought but didn’t use on the tree because they were blue. It didn’t work with the other lights. I bought candy cane lights and 2 mesh tube lights.

Here are the Candy Cane lights:

I started coiling the lights around the tree from the top because the battery holders were huge and I wanted to hide them underneath the snow blanket tree skirt.

Here is the lighted Christmas Tree:

It didn’t take much to fill the tree with decorations. I found that I bought more than I actually used. That’s okay, I will try to use them for other Christmas craft projects.

I decorated the snow skirt with multi color large plastic rhinestones because why not? They’re rhinestones! I didn’t have a color theme in mind, I just wanted it filled and colorful this year.

I began the decorations with these cute glittered red and green bows with a silver ball acccent in the middle. They had twisted ties attacched to the back of them so I delicately attached and tied each bow onto the tree:

After the bows, I decorated with these 3D glittered mini Christmas foam shapes. The package came with green glittered trees, gold glittered stars, red glitter boots and white glittered snowflakes. I only used the gold stars on the tree and the green glittered trees on the snow blanket.

I found these cute furry foam red and green tinsel spiked poms which looking at them now, remind me of the coronavirus shape. They are certainly fitting for this year, unfortunately. I used craft wire to poke through easily to assemble a garland out of them.

I made 2 garlands and only decorated the front half of the tree because I have the tree with it’s back against a wall.

This is what the assembled garland looked like.

Here is the finished tree:

Decorating My Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020

And here is a close-up video of the finished tree! Enjoy!


Here are the some of the products I used as decorations for the mini tree

Crafters Square Mini Bows – Red and Green – 24 Mini Bows – Approximately 1 1/2 inches

Crafter’s Square pre-tied mini bows take all the guesswork out of decorating! They’re perfect for adding to trees, wreaths, garland, centerpieces, and more. They’re a fun and easy addition to gift bags and wrapped packages. Each bow has an attached twist tie for easy attaching and each pack contains 6 red and 6 green bows.

Crafters Square Holiday Craft Tinsel Sparkle Pom-Poms 80ct Pack

Tis’ the season for getting Crafty! Pack of 80 Tinsel Sparkle Holiday Pom-Poms, pack of 80.

Christmas Glittered Foam Table Scatter/Vase Filler, Set of 5

Glitter foam in Christmas shapes and colors
Star, Christmas tree, snowflake, snow boot shapes in white, red, green and gold glitter
Each piece approximately 1.5 in x 1.5 in x .5 in
Styrofoam material and glitter
Easy way to brighten up areas of seasonal decor

Thank you for enjoying this 3 part series and for visiting my blog! In case you missed any of the posts, here they are listed below:

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