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Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020

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Welcome to the first part of a 3 part series of setting up my Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020! In this first part, I show the unboxing of the Greenbrier International brand Christmas Tree, which I purchased at my local Dollar Tree. In the second part, I flock the tree and the third part is where I decorate the tree.

So sit back, grab a hot cup of Christmas cocoa or coffee or tea and enjoy this little blog post series!
Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020
I put my tree up in December this year, but I purchased it sometime around Halloween. Dollar Tree, like a lot of retail stores during the pandemic, put up Christmas supplies early.

The Christmas Tree is about 18 inches tall and about 10 inches wide at the widest part of the tree towards the bottom.

The brand is Greenbrier International. This is the box:

The box had instructions printed on the back. The box contents were the tree and branches already assembled and the 3 plastic base pieces that you have to attach for the tree to stand upright. This is the tree taken out of the box.:

I took a picture of the simple base assembly. The plastic pieces have a groove that slid into the base.

This is the tree standing upright after the base was assembled:

After that, it was just a matter of gently pulling down the tree branches and adjusting them to complete the look.

This is what the tree looks like after the tree branches have been pulled down:

The branches are made with wire and plastic. The texture is similar to a cheer pom.

I used a glittered faux snow drape as the Christmas Tree Skirt, to cover the base and create the look of winter.

Thanks for reading this blog post! If you would like to see how I flocked this Christmas Tree, click here!

Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020

Christmas Tree 2020

You can purchase a Greenbrier International Christmas Tree on amazon in case your Dollar Tree does not have them in stock:

Artificial Tabletop Holiday “Christmas Tree” (18″)

Keep a Christmas tree in every room of the house! This 18-in. artificial tree is the perfect size to stand upon a table or counter and are ready to decorate. Simply put the stand together, fluff out the branches, and add your favorite ornaments and lights. The tree come packaged individually and the size also makes it perfect for bedrooms, apartments, stores, churches, offices, and lofts.

Christmas House Glittered Drape 32″ x 40″ for Tree Mantle Door Table Top (Pack of 2)

Includes two packs of glittered drapery
The perfect start to every Christmas village
Each drape is made of 100% polyester batting material with multicolored glittery dots
Perfect for placing under a Christmas village or other festive scenes to give the look of fresh snow

Part 1 – Assembling the Tree
Part 2 – Flocking the Tree
Part 3 – Decorating the Tree

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