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Flocking My Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020

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Welcome to Part 2 of my Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 3 part blog post series! In part 1, I assembled this Christmas Tree. You can start at Part 1 if you’d like by clicking this link.

Flocking My Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020

In this part, I flock the Dollar Tree Christmas Tree! Dollar Tree sold a white tree as well, but I wanted to add my own creative touches to this little tree.

I used DecoArt Snow-Tex and a cheap paint brush that I had bought in a set to flock this tree. A sponge could be used with this medium as well, but I didn’t have one on hand and the paint brush ended up working wonderfully. :

Snow-Tex is non-toxic and water based, which makes it easy to clean up with soap and water. There was a strong smell when I opened the jar to mix, but this is non-toxic so I wasn’t too concerned. The scent wasn’t strong enough for me to reach for a mask or create more ventilation. Snow-Tex is only for indoor use. I stirred the mix with the paint brush because I didn’t have a craft stick on hand.

I was surprised by the immediate snowy effect it had on my brush when I dipped it into the Snow-Tex.

The Christmas Tree texture is plastic so I was concerned if the snowtex would hold onto the slippery surface. The wires of the tree were strong enough to carry the weight of the Snow-Tex glob layers.

Here is the first branch I did:

I should have “painted” the branch with the Snow-Tex starting from the back of it, but I didn’t think about it during the video. Here is the video of the Tree Flocking:

Flocking the Tree

Snow-Tex is white and it doesn’t have shimmer to it, which was the look I wanted for this project. I used Extra Fine Glitter from Creatology. Real life Snow is glittery when it catches the light and I wanted the same magical affect for this tree.

The Extra Fine Glitter bottle has a lid with 2 options of how much glitter you want released. One side of the lid has 3 holes and another side has 9 smaller holes. I used a plastic spoon in this project to give me a more precise application of the glitter to the tree.

Here is a video of the glitter application process:

Glittering the Flock

The tree dried in about 2 hours and the entire tree took up about 75% of the 4fl Oz bottle of Snow-Tex.

Here is the completed flocked and glittered tree:

Flocking My Dollar Tree Christmas Tree 2020

Here is a video of the flocked tree:

Flocked Tree

Here is pic of my messy workspace after the glittering and flocking. I realized too late that I should have turned the newspaper at the bottom to catch all the glitter.

Here are the Products I used to Flock this Christmas Tree

DecoArt DAS9-4 Snow-Tex, 4-Ounce

Can be used on wood, tin, ceramic bisque, polymer clay, plaster, resins, papier mache, drywall, leather, watercolor paper, posterboard and styrofoam
Use on Christmas decorations to add snow to trees, villages, pine cones, wreaths and greenery
Can be tinted up to 30% with acrylic paint
Not intended for outdoor use

I couldn’t find the Creatology brand Extra Fine Glitter on the Michaels website but here is a glitter that I think might be comparable to the extra fine texture, iridescent effect and stackable jar container:

Sulyn Extra Fine Crystal Diamond Glitter Stacker Jar, 2 Ounces, Non-Toxic, Stackable and Reusable Jar, Multiple Slot Openings for Easy Dispensing and Mess Reduction

Extra fine translucent glitter for beautiful craft creations
Great for classroom projects, party decorations, nail art, slime, customized jewelry and more
Easy-pour stackable plastic jars with multiple slot size openings and removable lid
Non-toxic glitter
2 ounces in each jar

Thank you for reading Part 2 – Flocking the Tree. Follow below to move on to Part 3 where I decorate the tree!
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