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Green and Red Snowman Mesh Wreaths Page Four

Snowman in Red and Lime Green Deco Mesh
This wreath is made of two rounds of red/lime striped deco mesh and one round of lime green/white striped deco mesh. The bow is white, red/white snow flakes, shiny lime green, and shiny red snowflake ribbon. Tied around is the same. In the middle is a really cute snowman dressed in lime green and red.
It is 27 inches

Christmas Wreath Snowman
Bring some Christmas cheer with a cute snowman wteath. Hang this cute snowman wreath on your window, a shutter, or a bedroom door. It’s even small enough to hang on your tree! It is just the right size to go so many places. Made of deco mesh and Christmas ribbons, the wreath measures 12 inches across and includes a glittery snowman bell ornament in the middle of the wreath.

Just ONE Left!!! HUGE – Snowman Wreath- Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath – Red and Lime Wreath Frosty The Snowman
This snowman wreath is so, so cute! Made out of metallic white deco mesh this wreath includes: premium striped deco mesh ribbon, red and green deco mesh spirals, several types of high quality wired ribbons in coordinating colors, glittery ball stem accents, scattered pine and glittery holly leaves. This wreath is centered with a snowman that has a bendable nose so you can shape it however you want. So adorable!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This item had sold out but I was able to get ONE MORE snowman. I can recreate this wreath but the decorative accents will be slightly different than what’s shown in the picture here. I actually think it looks wayyyy better! I wish I could make more! 🙂

This wreath is large measuring almost 29″ across!

Christmas wreath snowman wreath deco mesh wreath poinsettia burlap wreath
This is a Christmas wreath made with red snowball deco mesh and burlap. It features colors of red, black, emerald green and white. Red glitter poinsettias, pine and a faux chalkboard snowman that reads “Merry Christmas.” The snowman sign has a burlap edge.
24″H x 24″W

Snowman Wreath,Snowman Christmas Wreath
This snowman wreath celebrates all fun and whimsey of the Christmas season.
The sweet snowman mixes with the lovely , greenery , glitter stems, and ribbons surround a metal snowman head.
This wreath will truly welcome the Christmas Season to you home.
A really fun twist on the traditional wreath.

This is a LARGE Christmas Wreath WREATH
33x 29″ and 10 ” Deep

Created on a 28 inch greenery base

Snowman Hat and Legs Ornament Christmas Front Door Wreath
Snowman Hat and Legs Ornament Christmas Front Door Wreath , Frosty the Snowman Wreath, Winter Wreath, Xmas Decorations, Porch Decor

Looking for the perfect Christmas/Winter wreath its right here….This adorable Snowman Wreath is a showstopper. He’s dressed for the holidays in a top hat and scarf. So invite this frosty fellow to hang out on your door this season.

Product Description:
24″ Pine Wreath Form
10″ White Iridescent Snowball Mesh
Snowman Top Hat & Plush Body
Ornament Sign – May your days be Merry & Bright
Matching Ribbons
Shatterproof Ornaments
Red Swirl Glitter Picks
Red Glitter Grass
Wreath Measures approx. 26x24x6″ Deep

Christmas wreath, snowman wreath, snowman wreaths
Merry Christmas This wreath is made of a work wreath and 3 variations of deco mesh. It is accented with tons of coordinating premium holiday ribbon, ornaments, tons of Christmas accents and a tin snowman. This wreath is extremely full and measures 26-27″.

Christmas Wreath with Snowman Face
This wreath is built on mesh with alternating metallic red and metallic lime-green stripes, complemented with mesh loops in red with green bands.
The surface is covered with several types of ribbon: 1.5” red ribbon with golden swirl designs, 1.5” sheer red ribbon with 2 longitudinal silver stripes, 1.5” red semi-sheer red ribbon with opaque metallic dark green miniature polka dots, 2.5” metallic red ribbon with a lengthwise sheer green band, and 2.5” red ribbon with white polka dots and wide metallic lime-green edges. Finally, there is dark-green tinsel flex tubing, lime-green tinsel flex tubing, and red deco poly flex tubing arranged in multiple loops all around the wreath’s circumference.

The focal point of this wreath is a Snowman’s head wearing a red Santa Hat, for protection from the elements. Additionally, there is a huge jingle bell, a multi colored ornamental ball, a “snow” covered red ball, fuzzy lime-green balls, and assorted pine cones.

Dimensions: 24” diameter, 8” deep

LARGE RAZ SNOWMAN deco mesh wreath
BEAUTIFUL HUGE CHRISTMAS door or mantel wreath.
33×32 Deco mesh RAZ snowman wreath.
Snowman head measures 19 Inches

Christmas Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath – Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath
This cute little snowman will welcome your guests with such joy! He is adorable! He is all wrapped up for winter and ready to greet…..

This wreath contains wire-edged ribbons that can be re-shaped if needed, ornaments, and a hand-made and painted snowman sign (not store bought).

Approximate measurements: 27″ x 27″ x 8″ including the ornaments

This wreath would make the perfect gift or wonderful for your own front door or inside wall/mantle. It is not advised to hang in direct weather. Just let me know if this wreath is a gift, and I will be glad to enclose a card for you.

Christmas Wreath
This wreath features a custom wooden snowman cut out painted with various winter designs and snowflakes.

Wreath is constructed using red,garnet,black, and white striped metallic deco mesh and black deco mesh.

Featured are snowflake chalkboard ribbon, red and black houndstooth ribbon, black and white polkadot ribbon, metallic red deco mesh ribbon,and red and white striped ribbon. Includes also, red and silver glitter ornaments, green glitter top hat, green glitter christmas sprays, green holiday ornaments, green deco mesh ribbon, and snowflakes.

Wreath measures 24-25 inches i diameter and 5-7 inches in depth.

Snowman Head Wreath
This wreath measures approximately 22 x 22 x 6 and will be shipped in a large box to keep it from getting damaged. Once it reaches it’s final destination – just fluff out the mesh and straighten any ribbon that was crunched. It is “Ready to hang on your door or wall.”

Christmas Wreath
The coming of winter not only brings our festive holidays, but it also brings us SNOW! How fitting it is to welcome your winter guests to your home or business with this darling stuffed snowman red and light green mesh wreath! Hang it on your door, and watch the smiles grow!

Red mesh was securely attached to a 12-inch wire wreath form, along with light green large-mesh, using chenille stems. A beautifully full bow was made from yards of 2 1/2-inch wide ivory with red and green snowflakes wired ribbon, and also added as flounces around the side of this beautiful wreath. Five 4-inch red glittered snowflakes were added, along with seven 2 1/2-inch shatterproof red ornament balls, and numerous 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch red glittered styrofoam balls that were attached with 1/8-inch red satin ribbons. Light green organdy ribbon, 1/2-inch wide, is tied with 1/8-inch wide red satin ribbon bows, and dotted throughout. Three 11-inch wide beautiful light green poinsettias were placed on either side of the adorable 10-inch tall white stuffed snowman, wearing his striped hat and scarf, and waving his light blue mittened hands to you and your guests. I added three 6-inch elongated red and gold shatterproof ornaments by the poinsettias.

The finished size of this whimsical winter and Christmas Holiday wreath is 21 inches in diameter, and 8 inches deep, and was photographed on a 36-inch wide exterior door to show you how it would look on the door of your choice.

Beautiful Christmas Mesh Wreath with Snowman
Beautiful Christmas Mesh Wreath. Snowman and Snowflakes. Green and Red.

Holiday Wreaths
Custom Wreath orders. Any holiday or Theme.

Mesh Snowman Wreath
This SUPER CUTE snowman wreath is READY TO SHIP! It’s approx 24” from side to side and features an adorable snowman in the middle! I made this on a special tinsel wreath that has little ornaments on all the tips! It adds just the perfect about of ornament detail!! This features red/green striped mesh, in a ruffled pattern! To accent, I added a black/white tubing and shimmery white tubing! The snowman comes with a candle that goes in the bottom that can be put to standard orange glow or change colors (see the green in the 4th picture, but the candle also goes to red, green, blue, white, orange, etc…)

Christmas Wreath
This gorgeous wreath will be a wonderful addition to your Christmas display for years to come.

A very jolly snowman is the center of attention with its message of “Have yourself a merry little christmas” in this whimsical Christmas wreath.

This wreath is very full and made using poufs of green, white, and red deco mesh.

Christmas snowman mesh wreath
This Christmas mesh wreath Is ready to ship and will add a touch of elegance to your Christmas décor. It is created with Holiday colors, and it can be enjoyed all the way through New Years.

This wreath is made of two different colors of mesh and done in a ruffled style. It has 4 different types of ribbons and several glitter ornaments. It has a metal glitter snowman in the center and 2 clip on pom poms in Christmas colors.

This wreath measures approximately 30″ X 30″ x 9″

Whimsical Red and White Winter Snowman Wreath
This is a lime mesh wreath trimmed in red, black and white and has hand painted ornaments and a cute snowman in the middle with his scarf hanging from the wreath. This is a really full wreath with all the extras. Measures around 28″

24″ Christmas Wreath- Snowman Wreath- Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath
This wreath is covered in red, green and white striped deco mesh and solid red deco mesh. Ties of green deco mesh ribbon and three sticks of green glittery balls surround a sweet snowman. The snowman has a black top hat with a red band and gold bells. He has a carrot nose and a shimmery green advent calendar scarf. A candy cane on a red satin ribbon can be moved to the different numbered pockets to count down the days to Christmas! So unique! Perfect for kids!

Outdoor door decoration, front door wreath, Mesh Christmas wreath
This beautiful snow lady wreath will welcome all of your guests this Christmas season.

This wreath is made on an 18″ wide wire frame. It is made from dark green,red, and white striped deco mesh ribbon. There is a dark green mesh ribbon weaved throughout the wreath. In the middle is a cute snowlady. She has on a red satin dress with a green mesh overlay. There are sparkly pom pons and green jewels on her dress. She is holding two gifts. There are green and red pom pons that match the dress glued on throughout the wreath. There are also white pieces of boa that match the dress glued on.

The finished wreath is approximately 34″ inches wide (from the top of the wreath to the bottom of the shoes) and 10″ deep.

BELIEVE SNOWMAN wreath on red and lime deco mesh wreath, ribbon
The photos do not do justice to this adorable wreath! Made from a deco mesh base in red and lime, this wreath will be eye-catching and TONS OF FUN, all at the same time. “Believe with all your heart” sign is the central feature, made of wood and metal. Cute snowman and matching ribbon is added to frame the sign. Aprox. 19in.

Christmas wreath
Christmas wreath, Deco mesh wreath, snowman wreath, winter wreath, snowman Christmas wreath

This adorable snowman Christmas, winter wreath is made with premium deco mesh, matching ribbons and bows, ornaments, snowballs and snow glitter branches. Snowman is wearing a red and lime green houndstooth top hat and red scarf. This is a great addition to your holiday decor or a wonderful Christmas gift. 26″ wreath.

Snowman Wreath Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath, Christmas Decor Wreath
Christmas wreath
Base is foil deco mesh Christmas stripes accented with 13 different kinds of premium Christmas ribbons and Christmas Terri bows, red and green deco mesh tubing bows, white, red, green 6″ ornament, Christmas picks and focal point for the wreath is a plus snowman

No glue was used to make this wreath! This wreath will last for many years to come in any kind of temperature! Ribbons and plush have been treated to help protect against the elements!

Christmas Snowman head deco mesh wreath
Christmas Snowman head deco mesh wreath

is a popular shade of blue featuring a red and white stripe

ribbon. It has white glitter snowflakes and blue glitter ball sprays

throughout the wreath. The snowman head and ornaments are all

shatter proof.

Green Snowman Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Sign
It features a RAZ glittered lime green snowman head, holiday glitter ball spray, holiday mesh spiral spray and a 6×9 holiday sign.

Each wreath is custom made using various embellishments, floral picks and ribbon of various colors, types and sizes. Wreath is approximately 24 – 26 inches in diameter when complete.

What a vibrant way to celebrate the holiday season!

Very Merry Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath
This deco mesh, Christmas holiday wreath is called “VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS”. This traditional wreath is perfect for your front door and will enamour everyone in your neighborhood! This deco mesh wreath is in traditional Christmas colors of reds, greens, black, tan and white.

The base of the wreath is made with a premium black deco mesh with red stripes and red, green, black and burlap deco mesh curls. The ribbons consist of 2.5” traditional red, green and tan christmas plaid ribbon with white snowflakes; 2.5” black satin ribbon with red trip and holiday theme script; 1.5” burlap open weave ribbon; and 1.5” lime green and white plaid ribbon. There is 1.5″ red and ivory plaid ribbon and 2.5″ open weave burlap ribbon formed into bows and placed throughout. All ribbons are wired and can be reshaped with ease.

Additional decorative elements in this wreath consists of a wood Merry Christmas sign shaped into a snowman that measures 8″x14″; 5” felt snowman ornament; star and candycane burlap ornaments with pinecone and evergreen embellishments; red, green and black glittered ball ornaments; red and green glittered tophat ornament.

This wreath is made on a 15” white wire frame and the overall wreath measures 25”x25”x8” deep.

Snowman Christmas Wreath with Adorable Plush Snowman, Poinsettia, Other Ornaments, Large Premium Bow
Adorable Plush Snowman
Premium “Merry Christmas” Burlap Ribbons and Large Bow
Other Christmas ornaments
24 inches wide

Let it Snow Christmas Wreath with Burlap Snowman Head Sign and Adorable Miniature Plush Snowmen

Snowman Head with Burlap Material
Large “Merry Christmas” Bow
2 adorable, plush, miniature Snowmen
24 inches wide

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