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Green and Red Snowman Mesh Wreaths Page Two

Whimsical Snowman/Snowflake Polka Dot Wreath
Add some fun to your front door with this whimsical wreath that is sure to put all in the holiday spirit!

Unlike Frosty, the little smiling snowman has nothing to worry about as no matter what the weather may be, he and the pretty snowflakes won’t melt. This whimsical wreath is made on a red work wreath base with red deco mesh ribbon and a trendy green wired decorator glitter ribbon. The snowman is surrounded by a wired decorator polka dot ribbon, green glitter ball stems and red and green glitter spiral wires with glitter balls. Several snowflakes can be seen peaking out through the ribbon. Small Christmas ornaments matching the polka dot ribbon finish off the wreath.

This wreath measures approx. 24″ across.

Christmas Snowman Wreath
Wreath measures 27 inches! Designed with mesh, ribbons, and all the trimmings!

Ready to Ship.

Everything in my shop is handcrafted. All decorations are carefully and meticulously placed one by one. I am obsessed with quality; nothing leaves that doesn’t exceed my standards. All wreath materials are wired or/and glued with durable professional glue. While I do spray all my wreaths with a protectant to help fight against fading, I do recommend a covered porch or stoop to help to better protect your wreath from the elements.

Unless otherwise indicated, a wreath may be displayed indoors or outdoors, but please be aware that sun exposure will cause fading. You may continue to treat the wreath with a protective spray to minimize fading. If you choose to do this, please test on a small area on the back first. I do not recommend displaying your wreath in a location with direct exposure to the elements. A covered porch or entryway is a great place to display one of these wreaths!

Burlap Christmas Wreath
This snowman is relaxing on the wreath waiting for the first snow fall with his very own Christmas tree in hand. He is dressed in very warm clothing on a bed of deco mesh with loads of coordinating ribbons.

Deluxe Rustic Snowman Christmas Holidays Indoor Outdoor Wall
Wouldn’t this beautiful rustic snowman wreath look fabulous hanging on your door or wall this Christmas!

This fun and rustic Christmas wreath is made with deco mesh ribbon loops in a red and green foil mesh. The ribbons in this wreath consist of a 2.5-inch tan with seasonal words and trees ribbon and a 2.5-inch green fabric ribbon and a 1.5-inch green and tan plaid burlap ribbon; 1.5-inch red burlap ribbon. The ribbons are wired and can easily be reshaped as needed.

The other elements in this wreath consist of a plush rustic color snowman. 3 large red and green ornaments, many pine picks and ornaments and lots of red sprays.

This wreath is made on a green wired wreath form and the finished wreath measures 26″ x 26″ wide x 8″ deep.

Snowman Wreath
This listing is for a 25″ Christmas wreath with snowmen and a glitzy snowman hat.

Crafted on a red tinsel frame with metallic red and lime green striped deco mesh. There are 6 decorative snowmen faces around the wreath and a snowman hat in the middle. The wreath also features 2 white mesh bows and a glitzy lime green “bow” pick at the top.

Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath It’s Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas

A 24 inch Lime Green Deco Mesh Wreath adorned with red and green Deco Mesh rolls. 2.5 inch red wired ribbon, and red and green glitter polka dot ribbon.
To accent the wreath it also has white floral pick featuring a pepper mint and candy cane . Red and green ornaments.
And of course what would Christmas be without a Snowman.
This wreath was made with alot of love and God granting me the ability and patience.

Christmas Snowman Deco Wreath

Snowman theme mesh wreath made on 24″ lime tinsel frame. Measures 24″ in diameter and 10″ in depth. Made with plaid red, white, and lime mesh. Single foil red and single foil white curls throughout. Two types of 2.5″ wired ribbon and two 1.5″ holiday themed ribbon. Total ribbon is 28 yards. Two lime green glitter bulbs and one red glitter bulb. Red foliage sprays throughout. Three white glitter snowflakes. Sign in center has Snowman that says; LET IT SNOW.

Merry Christmas Snowman Wreath
This snowman wreath is super cute. He is made with green and red deluxe mesh ribbon and is trimmed in green shiny polka dot ribbon and sparkly red ribbon. The wreath has white trim ribbon with green and red polka dots, and a red and green polka dot trim ribbon. It has fun Christmas picks throughout the wreath, and has two present ornaments and a huge snowman that says “Merry Christmas” in the middle. This wreath measures around 29 inches!! Perfect for this Christmas and years to come:)

Snowman Christmas Wreath

Adorn your door this Christmas with this beautiful red deco mesh wreath with burlap overlay. The black chevron and greenery with berries is woven throughout. The snowman is metal and has just the right amount of sparkle. This wreath measures about 26″ across and is ready to ship!

Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath
This is a beautiful snowman deco mesh wreath, made with high quality deco mesh. It measure approximately 18 inches. This would make a stunning front door decoration.

Frosty’s Top Hat, Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath

This wreath welcomes the Holiday season. This item is constructed with red and silver poly deco mesh and white poly deco mesh. It is accented with coordinating red, green and black ribbon, red glitter rope, and three beaded green and red floral picks. The centerpiece is a spectacular sparkly Snowman top hat with a red ribbon.

This wreath measures approximately 25 inches across.

Vintage Christmas Wreath
This wreath is handmade with jute mesh, wired ribbon, wooden sign and plush snowman. This wreath would look great on your front door or with your Christmas decor inside your home!

Wreath size is 26″ x 26″ x 8″ deep.

Wreaths make great gifts. If you would like to purchase this wreath as a gift I would love to put a personal note from you with your wreath.

Vintage Frosty the Snowman Wreath

Red and green metallic striped mesh. Four different types of wired ribbon. Pinecone and red berry embellishments and green mesh tubing. The wreath measures 24″ tall x 23″ wide x 8″ in depth.

Snowman Wreath

Deco mesh Christmas wreath with snowman. Red and green deco mesh on wire frame. Stuffed snowman in center. Sturdy construction of wire and glue. Approx. 36 inch diameter. 8-10 inches deep.

Snowman Wreath

This wreath is made on a very pretty lime green and white striped mesh. It features an adorable plush snowman in lime green and red surrounded by lots of red, green and white wired ribbons. This wreath measures approximately 24 inches in diameter. What a great way to welcome your family and friends to your home this holiday season.

Christmas Snowmen Wreath
Snowmen Melt My Heart!! This whimsical mossy green and red snowmen wreath is ready to ship to your home.

5 snowmen heads circle the hand painted sign. Each snowman has a 2 ribbon bow tie. 2 other ribbons form the main bow at the bottom and are interspersed through out the wreath.

All of my ribbons are wired so they are easily fluffed and positioned after shipping and I include instructions on how to unpack and straighten your new Christmas Snowman Wreath.

If using outside please provide some protection from the elements. A covered porch or door with an overhang are best.

Hang inside to easily incorporate into your Christmas décor. Whether you choose to display this Christmas Snowman Wreath inside or out, it will make a great holiday statement! Wreaths express your personality and taste, punch up your curb appeal and provide interior décor that is sure to be a conversation starter.

Snow Adorable Wreath

Just in time to help you with your Christmas decorating! This beautiful Christmas wreath is constructed using only quality materials purchased at local craft stores. “Snow Adorable” starts with a base of Deco Mesh and is then embellished with ornaments and several colors and textures of high quality wired ribbon throughout the wreath. It is highlighted by a reusable 17″ Snowman to greet your guests! It measures approximately 35 inches in diameter and 8 inches in depth and fits on a standard-sized door. This wreath would also make the perfect gift!

Christmas Wreath

Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow! This item is ready to ship!!

Christmas is right around the corner and this wreath will add a whimsical flare to your holiday decor.

It is made of layers of Christmas themed red, white and green poly deco mesh and accented with high quality wire edged ribbon, wooden snowman with white glittered ornaments.

Snowman Wreath
Snowman grapevine wreath in bright Christmas holiday colors. The grapevine base is filled with red and green burlap mesh curls, jute tubing, and canvas and burlap ribbon in various designs and colors. A plush snowman sits in the center below a large burlap bow and holiday floral stems.

This is perfect for winter and Christmas!

This is a large full wreath and measures approximately 21″ x 26″.

Christmas Door Decor
This wreath is ready to be shipped! Features a RAZ snowman and is adorned with whimsical ribbons, ornaments and candy canes! This exact wreath will not be duplicated! Measures approximately 24″x24″. Please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks for looking!

Lime Green and Red Snowman Christmas Wreath with Snowman Sign, Large Polka Dot Bow and Mesh Curls
Pressed cardboard Snowman Head sign
Other awesome Christmas ornaments
Bright, lime green and red mesh and Polka-Dot Bow
24 inches wide

Extra Large Raz Snowman with Black Top Hat Fireplace Christmas Wreath with Snowballs Handmade Deco Mesh Wreath
New! Large, Premium, Full Handmade holiday Wreath. The outer ring is made of beautiful metallic red deco mesh with small white snowball dots. Red, green and white metallic mesh curls are added to the exterior along with large white, textured snowballs! The inner ring is made of white iridescent snowball mesh and has the same Christmas colored plaid mesh curls. The mesh is placed on a green tinsel work forms which has loose red ornamental balls placed all around. The highlight is a large Raz snowman with black jeweled eyes, large felt carrot nose, black dotted mouth and black top hat. The black top hat is made of felt and decorated with silver dots and a holly branch with berries. The snowman’s face is made of soft cotton and shimmers. A large black velvet bow with silver dots is placed beneath the snowman. The effect is beautiful! Size is a large 28 inch diameter and 8 inch depth.

Snowman Wreath, Mr Frosty Christmas Burlap Wreath
Snowman wreath
Base is 10″ Christmas jute burlap mesh ruffles, accented with 13 different kinds of premium Christmas ribbons 3 large Terri bows. 2 4″ Christmas ornaments, 2 6″ Christmas ornaments, red and Christmas green mesh tubing bows, focal point is hand sewn frosty the snowman attached to wreath

Christmas Wreath
Red and Green Plaid Poly Mesh on a Styrofoam wreath form. Adorned with a metal green Christmas Tree, Red, Gold & Green ornaments, 2 glass painted elf ornaments, Merry Christmas in gold glitter and a assorted holiday ribbon funky bow. The perfect wreath for the front door.

Measures 20 ” X 20 ”

Christmas Wreath, Snowball Mesh Wreath, Christmas Gifts
Red, White and Green snowball striped poly mesh on a Styrofoam wreath form. Sitting in the middle a plush snowman with a red and white striped scarf, black felt top hat with a little snow on top, long legs with red boots holding gifts. One red box with white ribbon and a red metal package with a green bow. A snowball pick and silver snowflake ribbon streamers.

Wreath Measures 20 ” X 20 ”
(With legs 26″ L )

Snowman Wreath, Mr Frosty Christmas Burlap Wreath
Snowman wreath
Base is 10″ Christmas jute burlap mesh ruffles, accented with 13 different kinds of premium Christmas ribbons 3 large Terri bows. 2 4″ Christmas ornaments, 2 6″ Christmas ornaments, red and Christmas green mesh tubing bows, red white peppermint 11″ snowflake behind the snowman, focal point is frosty the snowman attached to wreath

Snowman Wreath
Let it snow wreath
This is a 3 layer wreath making very full and large.

Red and green iridescent Metallic deco mesh. This truly shines even when the light is not hitting it. All ribbon is 2 1\2 or larger. Red background with red and green stripes that glutter, red background with green large snowflakes, 3in green with 2nd color of green and red metallic, red and green ornaments in middle of all ribbon. Top off this wreath is a snowman let it Snow sign attached via floral wire.
This is truly a classic Christmas Wreath
One of a kind another can not be made.

Snowman Wreath Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath
Christmas wreath
Base is foil deco mesh Christmas stripes accented with 13 different kinds of premium Christmas ribbons and Christmas Terri bows, red and green deco mesh tubing bows, white, red, green 6″ ornament, Christmas picks and focal point for the wreath is a plus snowman

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