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Grinch Pinatas

Grinch Pinatas

Christmas Green Creature Pinata

Beautiful Christmas Green Creature Pinata.
20 Inches Tall
100% handmade
pull strings option


Approximate measures

high 23′

Piñata, Grinch Party Game, Party Decoration

Pinata..Party Game Decoration

Birthday Party Themed Pinata, 18” Round by 4” Handmade Pinata

• Make any celebration party a little more fun

• Pinata’s are hand made from corrugated carton and 100% recycled paper

• Pinata measures 18″”round by 4” Approx

• Handmade in Mexico

• Beautiful Party Decoration

• Strong cable tie at the top hanging Pinata

• Pinata holds up 1 to 2 pounds of your own candy and party favors. (Candy Not Included)

• The Handmade Pinata serves as a classical decor,as a fun party game or photo prop, center piece

Special listing grinch,inspired Grinch pinata

Grinch pinata full body
All details in the messages

Number 27″ x 16 x 5″

3 GRINCH piñatas We customize your orders

This order includes the three piñatas. Each with a length of 20″ to 24″. Includes.

Traditional Grinch.
Grinch again.
Max the dog.

Christmas Grinch pinata

Quarantine/ virus pinata
Measures: 16″ diameter 5″ deep.
Easy to fill and safe for everyone.
Doesn’t include candy or toys.

GRINCH themed piñatas

Beautiful custom piñatas. Approximate measures

high 23′

Grinch Piñata, Christmas piñata

Grinch piñata. Beautifully handcrafted, with red and bright green ( Available in any color tissue upon request just add a note during check out🙂) image on both sides !

Various sizes to choose from, most popular size is medium 18” in diameter x 4” deep.

Grinch Christmas Fun-ñata!

A Fun-ñata is a unique handcrafted gift box piñata.
Unlike regular pinatas the Fun-ñata opens like a gift box and/or has small openings for you to fill with your gift or treats!
Bottom Box 8*8′ 5’H
Top Box 4*4 5H

Greenchmas Holiday Mini Pinata

Whoville winter decor pinata, include it in your Xmas party supplies list. The Grinch never goes out of style.
You can either fill it with candy and have a blast breaking it, or use as a decorative piece, great for photo props accessories.
Vibrant color and classic paper frill finish. Holds up to 2 lbs of candy and mini toys. Includes hanging plastic loop.
Well-built strong structure, long lasting fun guaranteed. Will take several rounds of beating before breaking.
Approximate measures of the pinata: 17 x 11 x 4 Inches. Candy and goodies not included.