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Cute Snowman Head Wreaths to decorate your festive holiday doors with! These adorable designs will welcome your guests with a smile!

Snowman Head Mesh Wreaths

Frosty the Snowman Wreath

After selling out in 4 days, Frosty’s back!! Get your orders in because Frosty goes quick! Frosty’s magical hat atop this iridescent white deco mesh will bring some cheer even after the holidays are done this season. This wreath will be an estimated 12-14″ across when finished.

Snowman Wreath
This Snowman Wreath is a wonderful wreath for all Winter long!

One of a kind wreath to make your front door stand out!

Has cute top hat with some winter foliage added on for cute accent. Two christmas ornament eyes. (eyes of coal)
He has a pipe cleaner mouth and an orange cone nose!!

Measures approximately 24″ in diameter and approximately 6-8 inches deep.

Snowman wreath
Made of white mesh and snowball mesh, there is an amazing sparkle to this wreath! Top hat with a coordinating stripe bow, scarf, and face accessories complete him!

The wreath itself measures 23″ in diameter. Measuring from the top of the hat to the bottom of the scarf is 28″.

Top Hat Snowman Wreath
Snowman wreaths are very hot items this year. So many are cute, but I wanted to make one that was unique with a face full of personality! This snowman wreath is made with white iridescent Deco mesh on a 16″ wire frame. The eyes and mouth are made with black pompoms. This snowman’s eyes smile with black feathers at the outside corners. The nose is a foam cone covered with orange metallic deco mesh and tied at the point with orange deco tubing. A pretty sparkly white bird sits on his nose. The top hat is felt, soft plush and adorned with sparkling white snowballs, metallic berries, artificial evergreen, red felt band and felt holly leaves. Another sparkling white bird sits on top of the hat. The scarf is a beautiful wired plaid felt ribbon 2.5″ wide tied in a double bow.

The snowman measures 24″ wide, and 40″ tall including the hat and scarf.

Snowman Wreath
Very Full 24″ Iridescent White Deco Mesh Snowman! This Snowman Is Great For The Christmas Season And Can Even Remain Hanging All Winter Long! I Use 2 1/2 Rolls Of Deco Mesh So He Is Very Full!
Attached Is A Decorated Fuzzy Felt Flocked Top Hat That Measures Over 10 Inches High. The Nose Is A 6 Inch Clay Realistic Carrot Noes! The Nose Can Be Facing Sideways Or Straight Out. Pom Poms Are Used For The Eyes And Mouth.

Snowman Wreath,Deco Mesh
This Snowman Wreath is sure to bring jolly smiles to all who see your door from now through the winter! He’s full of white deco mesh ruffles with handpainted shining eyes, faux carrot nose, sparkling smile and rosy cheeks. He keeps warm with his top hat rimmed in plaid ribbon with accents of holly berries, and a matching plaid scarf. This snowman measures over 24″ in diameter.

Top hat Snowman
The new craze is the Snowman with top hat! This little fella was designed on a 10″ white work wreath with white poly mesh using the ruffle technique. Two pompoms were used for the eyes with pipe cleaners for eyelashes. He has a 5″ plastic carrot nose and the mouth is a giant black chenille stem. His top hat is adorned with red berries and pinecones and his cute little bow is made using red and black plaid burlap. Entire wreath measures approximately 26″ x 20″ x 8″. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed day.

Snowman wreath

Make your door “a-door-able” all winter long! ❄⛄️❄️

All of your neighbors will be asking where you found this winter beauty. This design is very full and measures 25/26″ across. The top hat can be customized with different ribbon/floral. ❤️

Snowman Wreath

Let this Snowman bring a smile to your door all winter long!

Made of white, metallic deco mesh, there is an amazing sparkle to this wreath! Top hat with a bow, scarf, and face accessories complete him!

All of my ribbons are wired so they are easily fluffed and positioned after shipping!

Snowman Christmas Wreath Snowman Deco Mesh wreath
This perfectly wreath will look amazing for your front door, to hang on the wall, interior door or above your mantel. Beautiful whimsical wonderland Frosty Snowman wreath. All hand made and hand painted by me. Made of white Deco Mesh.

Snowman Wreath, christmas wreath
Adorn your door with a proper seasons greeting! The Dapper Gent snowman wreath. Ribbons bow and scarf can be customized to suit color preference. Wreath measures 26 in in diameter and 37 inches in length( including hat). Top hat is made of brocade. The Dapper Gent Snowman Wreath, delight your guests with this charming greeter at your door.

Snowball Deco Mesh Ribbon Whimsical Snowman Wreath TopHat Holly Berries
Fun, whimsical mesh wreath! This is the smaller version – it measures 22-23 inches in diameter. The wreath is also available in a larger diameter version.

Large Snowman Wreath

Handmade Large Snowman Wreath
White Dec Mesh
Large Stuffed Top hat with added embelishment

Snowman Wreath, Large

This Snowman Wreath is the perfect decoration for your door to bring out the child in you. It is made of deco and polyburlap mesh, buttons for the eyes and mouth, a carrot for the nose, mesh ribbon and a lovely Raz top hat. The wreath measures approximately 27″ in diameter (not including the hat) and 9″ deep. It is recommended to display the wreath in a protected area, such as a covered porch or indoors, because the hat is made of felt.

Snowman Wreath
This Snowman Wreath was so much fun to make. It has a green hat band that can be changed to any color of your choice. It measures about 20 1/2″ diameter.

Snowman wreath with red top hat, large 29×27

Put this adorable snowman wreath on your front door to welcome all your guests this season. He’s made of white deco and poly burlap mesh, with buttons for his eyes and mouth and a carrot for his nose. His hat is made of red felt and he’s sporting a bow of red plaid. Only one available!

Snowball Snowman Wreath

This version of the very popular snowman wreath will look great on your door, wall or above your fireplace not only for the holidays but all thru the winter months! He is made of glistening deco mesh and a ruffle of snowball mesh has been added as a filler and to add an extra beautiful texture to his face! He has black styro balls for eyes and mouth,an orange mesh carrot nose. His scarf is glistening red ribbon with an extra silver snowflake ribbon added in bow. His hat is beautiful! A bright red tophat with sparkly siver snowflakes and a glistening array of pics has been added! Hat has been altered so it lays flat against wall. Piece is 28″22″x9″. There must have been some magic in that old top hat I found!

Snowman wreath

The perfect accent for anyone’s home during the winter season. This snowman wreath is made of deco mesh and includes an actual top hat. Get your orders in before the holidays!

Finished wreath measures approximately 22″ x 24″ x 7″.

Frosty The Snowman Wreath
This Frosty the Snowman Christmas wreath was built on a 24″ wire wreath but is big and puffy like a snowman should be. So it actually measures
28″. Its made out of mesh, felt, ribbon, a fake but very realistic carrot for his nose and a top hat.

Snowman Face Wreath Christmas Wreath Frosty the snowman Wreath With Bow Holidays Indoor Outdoor Deco Mesh Seasonal Wreath!
This little cutie will certainly gets LOTS of attention hanging on your door and will be a definite topic of conversation this holiday season!

This wreath is made using Deco Mesh in the color of white with silver foil that just shimmers beautifully!

The other elements of this wreath consist of a snowman’s face made with black ornaments, mesh nose and pipe cleaner for his sweet smile! I also added a 5 loop hand tied large bow!

The dimensions of this wreath are about 18 round X 25L with hat and bow X 8 deep.

Please remember my wreaths sell very fast! I don’t always have enough supplies to remake them so don’t delay in getting yours!

Snowman Deco mesh Wreath Winter Christmas

This wreath is done in white done in white deco mesh ribbon! It measures aprox 25″ across!

The eyes, nose and mouth are done with styrofoam that I painted!

Snowman wreath

Snowman wreath made out of white irredescent deco mesh. Hat and nose are felt.

Frosty the Snowman Wreath
Frosty the Snowman, was a jolly happy soul! This smiling snowman shaped wreath will be adorable hanging in the entrance of your home for the whole winter season!

Frosty is made with base layers of deluxe white and black metallic and iridescent deco mesh so it is very SPARKLY in the sunlight. He has 2 black ornament eyes, an orange felt nose, and a big red ornament smile! •This wreath measures about 30” in length and 22” wide.

Frosty the Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath
This Frosty the Snowman is so adoorable! Measures approx. 20″ X 30″ including the ribbons and top hat.

Frosty the Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath

This Frosty the Snowman is so adoorable! Measures approx. 20″ X 30″ including the ribbons and top hat.

Snowman Handmade Christmas Wreath Decoration Mesh

Handmade Snowman wreath. Can add or take away any element you wish and I have available!

Frosty Wreath

Adorable Snowman wreath will put a smile on your face every time you open the front door! Made from Sinamay this wreath can be outdoors (in a covered area) or indoors. Definitely a conversation piece for years to come!

Snowman Door Wreath

This is a snowman inspired wreath!

Melted Snowman Holiday Wreath

This holiday wreath is made with soft yarn and embellished with the novelties of a snowman. This wreath is fun and magical.

Size: 19″ in diameter

Snowman Deco Mesh Wreath with Large Top Hat
This fun snowman wreath is one of a kind and would be fun addition to your home or office this Christmas! This wreath measures approximately 24” in diameter and is made from white deco mesh, black pom-poms a fake carrot that looks real and large top hat that is a Christmas tree topper so it’s nicely stuffed and thick and won’t lose it’s shape. It also has a hand-tied bow at the bottom made from plaid colored wired ribbon which resembles a scarf.

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