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Sylvania Stay Lit Christmas Lights C9

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Sylvania C9 Stay Lit Christmas Lights are popular because of their Stay Lit technology that promises the entire string of lights will stay lit if a bulb becomes burnt out, loose, broken or even missing. Essentially, it promises that the string will never malfunction unless it is cut or a fuse is blown.

Do String Lights Really go Out if a Bulb is Broken?

String lights are made up of a variety of circuits. There is more than 1 light bulb attached to a circuit. If a light bulb goes out, it will affect the other bulbs in the circuit, causing them to go out as well. If they don’t go out immediately, they will eventually go out. Which is why it is recommended to replace burnt out bulbs immediately. The reason for this is that with a bulb burnt out, more electrical current will go to the other bulbs, causing an eventual blow out from an energy surge.

Another problem that can happen is that your bulbs can appear to be okay until one day they go out because one of the bulbs wasn’t screwed in properly to begin with.

The Technology Behind the StayLit bulbs

The StayLit bulbs have a tiny microchip that tells the other bulbs to keep operating even if a bulb goes out, breaks, becomes loose, falls out or burns out. As for the extra energy? This microchip also acts as a surge protector.
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Sylvania Stay Lit Christmas Lights C9

50ct C9 lights, Multi-Colored Sylvania Staylit Christmas Lights

35 LED C9 Lights- Warm White – Blue – Color Changing

Connect up to 36 sets
22.67 ft (6.91m) lighted length
green wire
advance technology
over 90% energy saving compared to incandescent C9s

Sylvania 100 Ct Led Stay Lit C6 Lights Multi Color

100 LED Faceted C6 Lights
Connect up to 22 sets end to end
33 feet lighted length
30,000 hour average LED bulb life. 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
UL Listed for Indoor / Outdoor Use. Energy Star compliant.

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